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How to Get Amazing Web Content through Joomla

How to Get Amazing Web Content through Joomla

Whether you run or own a Joomla based site. It is crucial that you pay attention to the significance and value of effective optimization as well as SEO techniques. It can help you improve the content of your site to generate the desired amount of online traffic.

Warning - Failed to move file

Warning: Failed to move file joomla error - solutions

Trying to install Joomla extensions and having the message "Warning: Failed to move file!". This article will give the solution for this error installation in your joomla website.

Reset Joomla administrator password

How to reset Joomla administrator password?

Lost password of joomla administrator and need to recover it? In this article we will show two ways to reset the password of joomla users.

First option is for all users except SuperUser and Administrator. In the login form of website click on Forgot your password?. On the next page add your email in Email Address * than click Submit button. Check your email and reset the password.

To reset your Joomla administrator password follow the steps below.

Custom 404 error joomla

How to create a custom 404 error page joomla

A 404 error page is created from a broken link or a mis-typed URL. With a 404 page you can show your visitors know what went wrong.

Mostly all joomla templates have 404 error page. In case you are not happy with it, this article will show how to create a 404 error page for your joomla website. The advantage of creating the error page in this way, is that your website will keep the main menu and will display the error as article.

3 Hidden Secrets of Joomla Features Every Developer Should Try

3 Hidden Secrets of Joomla Features Every Developer Should Try

Joomla is one of the most renowned software packages. This is used to build, establish, manage, and issue content for websites, blogs, intranets, and mobile applications. It is best to build web applications as well. Joomla has the web presence of more than thousands of businesses, government managements, and large organizations worldwide.

Coronavirus Live Tracker Free Joomla Module

Coronavirus Live Tracker Free Joomla Module

Coronavirus Live Tracker Free Joomla Module allows you to see the data cases and other statistics of COVID-19 spread all over the world. Coronavirus extension will showcase the live data of total cases, today cases, the total number of deaths due to coronavirus, today deaths, patients recovered, active and critical cases. With live map the visitor can check the statistics of any country.

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