3 Hidden Secrets of Joomla Features Every Developer Should Try

3 Hidden Secrets of Joomla Features Developers Should Try

A vast variety of strategic web and API development tools have been launched to assist the developers and companies. Joomla happens to be one of the most renowned charts topped software packages.

It is one of the best tools to create, manage and issue content for Websites.
Joomla holds its position as the baseline for more than thousands of government management systems and large business organizations.
But what makes it so different from others is its wide-ranging customization capacity that supports Custom API development Services as well.
Further below are the three interesting features of Joomla, that you ought to know for your website’s effective working and better performance:

A two-way door: Frontend and Backend Login at a time

Backend and frontend working hold their separate pathways generally in Joomla for websites developers that want to work on either side of the website, whether it is to review your code or to add something to the API framework.
But how would it be if you are working on the backend and you want to see the preview on the frontend along? Won’t that look like something magical?
Joomla has also granted this wish of many web and API development companies lessening the workload and struggles of logging from both sides to see the change being implemented.
Though Joomla’s evasion system does not offer the content’s preview link on the backend, what it does is that it provides an option of giving previews of the content from the frontend archive and helps you to visualize how your articles or blogs appear on your website that are not published yet.
Along with that, it provides the shared session feature so you simply have to log in on the backend and it will log you in at the frontend as well.
To activate this feature, all you need to do is follow these settings:
Joomla Control panel > System > Global Configuration > System tab > Session Settings > Shared Sessions.

The right debugger

The right debugger: Display the debug information to the super-users only

Another persuasive feature of Joomla is getting debugging information, which is restricted to the super-users of the website only. This feature ensures authorities have access to debugging data.
Nevertheless, if you have set Joomla’s debug system on default settings, all the website users will be able to see Joomla’s Debug Console. It might affect the efficiency and productivity of your website.
To avoid this situation and boost productivity, you should opt to modify Joomla’s default system by selecting options that show debug information to super-users of the website only.
To activate this feature, all you need to do is follow these settings:
Joomla admin control panel > Extensions from upper ribbon menu > Plugins.

Change log/change history: Content Versioning

One of the best benefits that Joomla provides you is Content versioning. It is one of those advantages that developers desire the most for their websites and thus they use Joomla for creating, issuing, and handling the content.
Using this feature, you will be able to save the numerous alterations of the article or blog. Along with that, you can keep a track of changes that might have been made by some other authorized users or even yourself.
And later, based on these changes, you can avail yourself of the option of comparing and editing your content to make it more appealing and enhance its readability.
You can also gain access to the previous versions of the saved content by using the content versioning feature. Henceforth, you can put out better and more worthy blogs and articles.

This is what you need

Web development companies that provide better and related content on their websites attract more traffic. Joomla does all the heavy load for you and lets you enjoy the benefits without the headache of managing content.
Experts use it to document their custom API development and website content to provide a UX-based efficiency.
Joomla gives you a great chance for your company to evolve through business-building websites and API applications. Its rock-solid code-base and the huge Web developer’s global community can help you understand your need of using Joomla with a competitor’s analysis.
Whether you are keen to create websites for business or develop and evolve the applications. It joins you with millions of API development software experts to get more knowledge on how you can manage your content, articles, or blogs.
Let us take care of your website with Joomla and provide you with expert-chosen benefits for your website’s better performance.

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