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4 Ways to Hire a Web Designer to Take Your eCommerce Site to the Next Level

Struggling to find new customers for your eCommerce store? Having difficulty understanding your target market? You're not alone. eCommerce is becoming huge around the world, with a pretty major chance of it becoming the main way people shop.

With this level of oversaturation and large enterprises taking over, surviving as a small eCommerce platform can be a struggle. A web designer can be your first line of defense. The usability and visual appeal of an eCommerce site is extremely important and can make a huge difference in your sales.

In this quick guide from Olwebdesign, we'll break down three ways you can hire a top-notch web designer. Check out our top tips below!

Four Tips for Finding a Web Designer

Your eCommerce business can thrive by employing the help of a great web designer.

Make it Clear That You Want to Build the Best Possible Website

You won’t get anywhere in eCommerce without a responsive, immersive, simple, and SEO-friendly website. For many eCommerce entrepreneurs, the idea of coding an entire website can be quite daunting. That’s why it would be wise to hire a professional web developer to set up and launch your website. An experienced freelance web designer will be able to put together an attractive and easy-to-navigate website specifically in the context of eCommerce. The cost to hire them will be well worth it for all of the services they can provide.

You Want to Hire a Small Group People to Help in the Long-Term

Once your business begins to grow towards a larger market, it might be time to look into some help. While hiring a team or outsourcing your needs to freelancers might cost a big chunk of change, the overall investment you are making into the future of your company is going to be worth it. It’s simply impossible to run a large business on your own. At the bare minimum, you should hire a web designer. Just as well, look into hiring a social media professional, a copywriter, a digital marketing director, and a few interns as well. Make it clear to your prospective web designer that you plan on hiring a whole team and ask them if they have experience working on a team.

If you choose to hire staff or outsource some freelancers, you will need to have reliable payroll software in place. Such software will include features like time tracking and team management to ensure that your workforce is being paid and you aren’t making any financial mistakes. When shopping for a good platform, look for something that offers real-time reporting and a mobile app.

Ensure that They Can Integrate Instagram

Do you sell products that photograph well? Perhaps you sell items that tend to end up in photos on Instagram? For aesthetically pleasing products, you could benefit from using Instagram integrations to market and sell your products. Instagram recently introduced Instagram Shop, a framework that streamlines the customer journey and gets your customer from an Instagram story ad to your eCommerce store as quickly as possible. It's quite easy to integrate your website with Instagram on your own, but if you're not very tech-savvy, you might benefit from hiring a professional developer to do it for you. During the interview process, ask your prospect if they have experience doing this.

Find the Right Joomla Template

Whether you choose a full-time staff member or a freelancer to upgrade your website, giving them a high-quality Joomla template from Olwebdesign will elevate your site to a whole new level. We have a wide array of designs to choose from, so whatever your business, we have a gorgeous Joomla template that will make your eCommerce site shine. Check out our offerings online!

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