5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Professional Joomla Template

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Professional Joomla Template

What are Joomla templates?

Joomla templates are basic skeletons for your Joomla websites.
A professional template is a pre-made source code of a website or web application that can be used as a foundation to build an entirely new one. Themes and templates do the same job, but themes are specifically designed for blogs, while templates can be applied to a blog or other content management system (CMS).

Why Should You Care About It?

Many people get worried when they hear that their website has been hacked. It happens when you have not updated your Joomla installation or your template for a very long time. Updating the Joomla core is easy, but you are more likely to forget it with templates. Sadly, template developers are not responsible for this because they do not have access to updated information available only to the Joomla development team. But in contrast to this, the website developers or digital markers are more responsible for bringing up the websites such as BoomCycle knows very well how to rank the companies the highest among the google pages.
Setting up a fully functional Joomla site is easy. You install Joomla, followed by one or more extensions to build the required functionality for your site, and you'll be all set. The real challenge starts when you start designing your website with a professional look and feel to attract customers to stay on your site and become your customers.
Since many free templates are available in the market, anyone can easily download them from the internet and use them as their website template. But these templates have low-quality graphics, no cross-browser compatibility support, no proper navigation options, etc. In some cases, these free templates do not work as expected, making it even harder to promote new business online.
On top of that, you need to hire a web designer for your website's template design. A professional template will look good and help customers navigate the site easily and get the information they are looking for. Following are five reasons why you should go with professional Joomla templates:

Professional Business Look

The design of the Joomla website is essential to your business image, especially if you're selling online. One of the best ways to impress visitors to your site is high-quality graphics, fonts, icons, and other visual elements that make up the Joomla templates.

Cross-browser Compatibility

Almost all free templates or templates that come bundled with extensions do not provide cross-browser compatibility, i.e., their appearance or layout becomes distorted when viewed with alternate web browsers. It is where the beauty of Joomla comes in its flexibility to be viewed on almost all major browsers without any problem. But this also means that you'll need a template explicitly crafted for these different platforms so that they display perfectly no matter which browser someone uses to view them.

Standard Template Layout

A professionally created template always has a standard layout that is convenient and easy for visitors' eyes. It makes it easier for site viewers to find what they're looking for on your site, whether it's coming through your menu links or your pages' internal links.
Proper Navigation Options
 You might have noticed how some web pages are complicated to navigate through because their menus are cluttered or organized improperly. Professional Joomla templates are user-friendly and make it easy for site visitors to find their way through your site, even if they're looking for specific information that you're hosting on there.

Security & Updating

A template created by an amateur may lead to security risks because of substandard code development. It also leaves your site out in the open for hackers who can gain access to sensitive files through poorly designed templates, potentially damaging both the appearance and functionality of your website. Remember, all these problems disappear when you go with professional templates since they come with regular updates, ensuring proper updating of back-end coding. Every time an update is available, you need not worry about updating your template.

Wrapping Up!

As discussed earlier, finding a free template online is easy. Still, suppose you're looking for professional Joomla templates that look good and come with the latest features. In that case, it's better to buy one from a reputable web development company or freelance designer who can skillfully craft your site using their expertise. Either way, remember that quality comes at a price. However, investing in the right template will save time and money down the road, so it's worth every penny spent on them!

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