Developing E-commerce Websites Using Joomla

8 Amazing Benefits of Developing E-commerce Websites Using Joomla

The e-commerce industry is booming these days. Day after day, new developments in the field of e-commerce are emerging. These online stores require robust website development.

They need a tool to develop high-quality online stores and manage them easily through an eCommerce virtual assistant.
Along with website development tools, Joomla has gained particular respect. The device is simple to use and easy to use. Various quality features make Joomla one of the best software for website development. Here are eight excellent benefits of developing e-commerce websites using Joomla.

#1. Free to Use

Joomla is open source, so that anyone can have it for free. It uses PHP as its primary language and supports MySQL. PHP and MySQL in Joomla allow many volunteers to continue to contribute to improving the code and creating new extensions.
A commercial CMS license can quickly sell you tens of thousands of dollars if you set up many websites each year. You need to hire people to develop the CMS and its extensions.
It is also expensive to hire people for an organization. Also, you will have to wait months or years for your CMS to be ready. However, if you download Joomla now, you can quickly get a website and easily install it all for free.

#2. Enhanced Security

Joomla is built-in security to protect your eCommerce website from security threats. From watching CSRF to preventing other complex issues, Joomla is better. Apart from this, you also have add-ons to help you increase the website's security.
These add-ons allow you to add a firewall in the form of captchas, protection against SQL injection, XSS attacks, and more. Because e-commerce websites handle sensitive customer information daily, these features keep transactions on your website secure.

#3. Customized Designing

Setting up websites in Joomla is easy. It offers enough flexibility for developers. You can customize the theme and overall layout of a Joomla site. As you know, specifics are essential for your website and e-business; it is imperative to create a unique statement.
This is precisely what the CMS program proposes to do. It offers freedom of action. Images and lighting, all kinds of high-quality development, are possible on e-commerce websites with Joomla.

#4. Built-in SEO Functionality

Joomla has an integrated SEO tool that allows you to optimize your website for search engines. You do basic SEO, like adding meta descriptions and keywords yourself, without hiring a third-party SEO company.
You can index it using an SEO-optimized URL and include the site name in the page title in the settings. SEO-friendly URLs will use the page title or focused keywords in the URL instead of a string of random words in the URL.

#5. Content Diversity

Joomla is easy to use for websites and blog archives as a content management system. However, it also takes a step forward by offering ways to express a culture of gratitude thanks to the activity contained in its components and modules.

#6. Quick and Fast Update

Joomla is a great website development tool. While in e-commerce, the site is usually updated from time to time. New products, special discounts, and announcements are the things to update regularly. In this case, Joomla offers the flexibility to easily create new pages and install them on your website with less effort.

#7. Thousands of Third Party Extensions

Want to add a subscription feature to your website? Do not worry. Need to accept donations? Yes. You can. Do you need to sell tickets and take books for your events? You have it. The CMS has more than 8000+ plugins to enhance the functionality of your website. Best of all, most of the extensions are free and well supported. Developers constantly add new plugins and modules to make your e-commerce website more efficient and hassle-free.
Another exciting feature of Joomla is that many models are available in the market. And you have it designed for any e-business. At least not everything has to be paid for. There are several good examples if you have the budget.

#8. Active Forum Community

Joomla has a strong publishing organization. Many professional Joomla developers and other users are members of the forum. The board has different sections for different types of issues. There is a section where you can ask the support team questions, which will help if you encounter a problem while using Joomla.
By discussing the problem on the forum, you can quickly fix it so that your Joomla site runs smoothly. Joomla is also supported by many third-party companies that use CMS to host their websites.


Joomla offers a single solution, whether you want to create a simple personal site, a complex website, or multiple business solutions. It is highly scalable, with thousands of extensions available in the Extension Directory (JED) for free and commercial use.

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