Earning Money Sustainability with Wordpress

How to start a Sustainable Business with WordPress?

Today, many people have found ways to make a lot of money with WordPress. If you are an environmental lover and want to spread that green inspiration to many online people but still make money, then WordPress is a pleasant option for beginners.

With the use of the WordPress platform, even if you are not a web developer, rest assured that WordPress has every opportunity to build a successful green business. Here are the different ways you can also make sustainable money online with WordPress.

Create and monetize blogging

In the online world, you should start a website for your sustainable business. Most beginners will choose to launch a blog with a WordPress platform and start making money. WordPress is an easy-to-use platform, you don't need any programming and web development expertise to get started.
Not sure how to get started with your green WordPress blog? You should simply check out our detailed simple guide on how to start a green-living blog.
If you buying a premium theme, you will be guided you through all the steps of building a website.The important steps are choosing a domain & hosting, install WordPress, eco-friendly theme, install a plugin and add unique posts related to green life regularly. Do not forget to check theme coupons for buying themes or domain names to minimize your initial cost.
Having a blog is a great way to generate a passive income that many have started long ago. But with a green living blog, you not only make money ethically but save the environment because it does not cause any source of waste.
You can make money using affiliate marketing with eco-friendly stores, selling ads for environmental protection services, sponsored reviews, and more. from my blog.
This is just an easy way to get the most out of the content and traffic you already have and spread green inspiration.
Most markets and service providers offer affiliate programs, including even earth-friendly shops. Some platforms you can easily work with include Shareasale, Impact or CJ Affiliate. Just sign up for a FREE account and add links to your posts where you feel natural so green consumers can click and buy.

Make money from advertising on your green blog

To sell ads, you can sign up for a Google Adsense account and insert your code to allow the Google network to process ads. This can help you get some small checks every month.
You can also provide sponsored posts on your blog to other green living blogs. Not only that, but you can also add a page or contact form to your website to pay you for reviews, tutorials, and listing posts that offer things better for the environment.
You can also leverage your website to promote other monetization activities such as premium courses, products, or services related to its green-living style.

Selling environmentally friendly products online

If your green-living blog has a certain amount of traffic, you can expand into the business of eco-friendly products. Do not worry that the WordPress platform can easily install the eCommerce plugin elsewhere your customers can buy online right on your site.
In addition to tangible products, you can also share merchandise such as downloadable courses with your readers. It takes a bit of effort to get started, but WordPress is a great platform for building the eco-friendly website you need.
If you are not starting with a green living blog but starting with an e-commerce site, that should not be difficult. Now more than ever people are shopping online and the good news is people are switching to eco-conscious consumption. And with WordPress, you just need to install a plugin like WooCommerce to build an online store to start your green business.
Compared to other e-commerce options, WooCommerce is completely free and offers many useful features for you even if you have no programming knowledge. You can use it to set up your store and start selling products from streaks like sustainable fashion, gardening, eco-home, zero-waste products or handmade products.

Selling environmentally friendly products online

Eco-friendly products dropshipping

In addition to a regular store for your own eco-friendly goods, WordPress can also be used to build a dropshipping store.
In this case, you choose to sell the earth-friendly products directly to the customer but a third party ships them. This is similar to how Amazon typically handles deliveries for smaller sellers using their platform.
Whether you use WooCommerce or Shopify, this method often involves using a plugin to ensure shipping information is sent directly to the provider.
The advantage of Eco-friendly products dropshipping is that you can introduce to your customers a more diversified and diversified source of goods. If this sounds like a business plan that fits your strategy, then there are a number of plugins you can use to create a green dropshipping business with WordPress.


You don't have to be a WordPress genius to start a sustainable online business. If you can implement any of the above green ideas and know-how to sell your services or your products, you will have a lot of chances to make really good money using WordPress. Your target audience is green consumers so try to stay on track and retain your customers with green knowledge and valuable eco-friendly products.

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