Unable SEF URLs in Joomla & remove index.php

This article will show you how to unable SEF URLs in Joomla and remove index.php.

SEF is very important is search engines, and for this Search Engine Friendly URLs have to be enabled. To activate SEF URLs in your Joomla website, follow the info below:

First login to the administration panel and go to

System > Global Configuration

joomla 3 global configuration

In the “Site tab” you will have to do some changes for the SEO Settings. Use the “Yes” option for Search Engine Friendly URLs and URL rewriting. If the URL rewriting is not working, probably your web host did not activate the mod_rewrite module on the Apache server. Contact them to make these changes for you.

url rewriting joomla 3

Now find the htaccess.txt file in the main folder where your site is installed and rename it to .htaccess

joomla htaccess

You are almost done, but there is one more little thing to do, to remove the index.php from the urls. You will have to edit the .htaccess file and find the following line:

# RewriteBase /

Remove the “#” from the line and if you have installed your joomla site in a sub-folder (ie: http://yoursite.com/joomla ), insert the sub-folder name after the “/”

RewriteBase /joomla

If joomla is installed in the root folder, you don’t need to add any sub directory to the code, just use it like this:

RewriteBase /

Now check your site and see the effects of the changes.

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