How to Add Custom Fonts in Joomla?

How to Add Custom Fonts in Joomla?

Do you want to add custom fonts in Joomla?
We all know that Typography plays an essential role in making the website successful. Hence, when it comes to selecting fonts, one should be cautious about it. Custom fonts are the best way to grab the public's attention as it makes the website appear unique and striking.

Joomla is a Content Management System where you can publish your content.It allows you to create strong online applications. For the last few years, Joomla has grabbed various awards for being the best application. We all know that adding custom fonts make your template unique and well appreciated.

Now the question arises that how we can add these custom fonts? If you are already finding the solution, you are in the right place. This article will be all about the Joomla application and how we can add custom fonts to make it distinguished and worth appreciating.
Let's proceed with the guide and discuss every point in detail for better comprehension.

What is Joomla Used For?

Joomla is a notable application software being used for ages. With time, it gained immense popularity because of being the best software to publish content. It is based on a model view regulator web application system that can autonomously utilize the Content Management system that permits you to fabricate noted on the web applications.
It is being used all around the world to provide size and shape to unlimited websites. It can be utilized for small websites, personal homepages, E-commerce, Online Newspapers, Magazines, etc. It depends on you for whatever purpose you are going to use it.
We all know that various Joomla templates are accessible loaded with various fonts. However, using too many fonts decreases the loading speed, so one should be cautious while adding fonts to the website. Joomla doesn't offer many themes as compared to WordPress, yet it is widely used for different purposes.
It comprises a simple design, so you won't find it hard to get your hands on this application despite being a newbie. To create powerful websites, it is used by millions of developers worldwide. Before heading to the main topic, one should first understand how to find fonts for the Joomla web application.

How to Find Fonts?

In order to add custom fonts in Joomla, we first need to find sites from where we can download the fonts. The fonts you are going to use depends on your budget. You can also get your hands-on free fonts, yet I recommend you go for premium fonts that would surely make your website look convincing.
You can have access to various websites that are offering fonts with free and paid versions. However, make sure from whatever website you are going to download the font; it should be high-quality.
 Apart from that, don't overload your website with too much fonts. Go for those fonts that increase the content's readability score. I will recommend you to go with San-serif fonts as they are the widely used fonts around the one. If we talk about few san-serif fonts then we can’t forget the futura font family that is being used by many notable websites. It is a sans-Serif typeface that came into being in 1927 by Paul Renner.
Along with this font, you can consider various other fonts for your website. Once you are done with finding the fonts, proceed to the next step.

Conversion of Font

The next step requires the conversion of fonts. You have noticed that you get the file with TTF whenever you download the font from any website; to make the file web-friendly, you need to do a conversion. The downloaded files are installed on your operating system so to get them installed on the website; you need to use different Generators.
Various free online converters are accessible that are used for this purpose. Ensure that whenever you get the TTF file after downloading, you need to convert it into the WOFF format that can be done by the Generator. Once you are done with the process, download the transformed file, and later extract it. Now the conversion process is completed.

Adding Custom Fonts to Joomla

Now that you are done with the above-mentioned steps, you can easily add fonts to Joomla. You can use any template to add the custom fonts. Follow a few easy steps mentioned below to make the work done.
Make a folder in that template and name it 'Font.' In that folder, upload the converted file. A folder with 'Font's will be added to your computer.
The next step requires adding CSS. For this purpose, you need to create a primary stylesheet. However, if it already exists, it would be good.
Make sure that the font family's name and your name should be different; otherwise, you will have to change it.
The src URL should highlight the genuine URL of the WOFF record.
Once you are done, you are all set to use your custom font.

Font Issues

Sometimes due to a few issues, you can't upload the font to Joomla. If you are also facing such an issue, let me explain a few problems due to this issue occurs.

1- Database Collation

If the downloaded font is not supporting your database, you need to alter the database collation with UTF8. It can be done manually, or it can be done with software. Various software is accessible for this purpose. Whenever you create a new database, ensure that you have selected utf8_general_ci collation.

2- Language Issue

Once you are done with database collation and the issue is still the same, ensure that the font you will use either supports the language or not? If it doesn't, then you need to go for another font that supports the language. Whatever font you have chosen, either it is Google or web, make sure that it supports the language.
Otherwise, you won't be able to use that font. It is the major issue that you might have often seen after downloading fonts from different sites. Hence, always use that font that supports your language.


If you want to add custom fonts to your website, it takes a few easy steps to complete the work. If anyone is looking forward to adding custom fonts to the Joomla web application, I have made sure to enlist every tiny detail regarding the process to make things simple and easily understandable for you.
You can get your hands on various notable websites that offer free and paid fonts. However, make sure the fonts you are going to use should increase the content's readability score. The content is powerful, and fonts play an essential role in it. Take notes from this guide and follow the above-mentioned steps for the next time when you need to add custom fonts.

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