Why You Need a Professional Joomla Template?

Why You Need a Professional Joomla Template?

Joomla is one of the most sought after content management systems. It is great for creating almost every kind of website, from personal to business websites. If you want to create a business website or e-commerce website, Joomla is arguably the best content management system.

One of the major reasons you should opt for Joomla is its wide variety of templates. With more than 6000 templates, Joomla covers your every need. If you are still having doubts, below are some reasons why you need a professional Joomla template.

World Class Security

Security is a very important factor to consider when developing a professional website. In times like this when there are constant threats to security, you need a template that is always secure. With a professional Joomla template, you already have inbuilt security features. However, it is necessary to install additional security extensions to secure your website properly.
This even more necessary if you are operating an e-commerce website that will store customers’ sensitive information. Basic security will no longer serve at this point. There are lots of antivirus, antimalware and other security extensions to choose from. You can also add other security extensions, as long as they are compatible with the template.

Multiple Extensions for Flexibility

Security extensions are not the only extensions available to use on Joomla. Over 8000 Joomla extensions are available for you to use to personalize the template of your website. This makes Joomla even more flexible. You can use a template and edit it to your taste. You can literally convert a regular template to an e-commerce template.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so important that website operators have to study SEO trends and adjust their websites in line with these trends. You can install many extensions for SEO purposes like JSitemap, Route 66, sh404SEF, RSSEO, JoomSEF, PWSEO. Luckily for those who opt for the Joomla professional template, the template comes with an inbuilt SEO functionality. The template is responsive and does not cause the eventual website to lag.
The template also comes with inbuilt caching. This stops your website from lagging by avoiding overloading the server. It does this by clearing cached data frequently.

Suitable for E-commerce

As I said earlier, Joomla is the best option for an e-commerce website. With lots of extensions to choose from, you can easily start-up and extend the functionality of your e-commerce store. Wordpress use Woocommerce plugins like the Woocommerce Composite Products and Woocommerce shop as customer function. Joomla uses VirtueMart, Digicom, j2Store, Eshop, HikaShop, MijoShop etc. This plugin helps you access and shop from your e-commerce store like a customer. There are also many other e-commerce function that Joomla provides.
Joomla makes it easy for you to add a product, sort or categorize your products, add a payment system and so much more. It supports most of the popular payment options like Paypal and so on.

No Knowledge of Coding Required

The idea of templates is to enable those without technical knowledge or knowledge of coding easily create their own website. The template is easy to use even without knowledge of coding. You can also remove aspects of the template you do not want using this feature.

A house is only as good as the foundation on which it is built. Your website is only as good as the template you use when designing it. Think about this when next you want to choose a template and you will see why you need a professional Joomla template.

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