Starting an Online Store

Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Starting an Online Store

Days have gone when the internet was considered as the source of entertainment only. Now, in this age of technology, the internet has become one of the biggest sources of income. With the advancement of the internet, today everything can be commercialized.

Around about 25% of all websites are e-commerce related to date. Today everyone can do his business online in his own domain of interest.
Earning money by selling various products and services online nowadays has become a fashion of the day. You can earn money as much as you want by showing your talent and creativity as much as you can. The internet is providing you countless channels by using which you can build your own successful e-store.
Hundreds of e-commerce platforms with all-time their services are waiting for you where you can build your site and bring your products on display. Not only this but by using countless plugins and tools you can make your product page more attractive and easy to manage. You can also pay and receive online transactions by using your via many channels.  So, now stop to worry more and start your own online business by keeping in mind 10 top things you should do before starting your own e-store:

1. Make an Effective Business Plan

The most important and most initial thing to start any kind of business is your plan. An effective plan means a successful business. If you fail in your first, no other step has meaning. So set your online store with a proper and effective plan. Your plan should be according to the domain of interest. You should also take into consideration all the possibilities and opportunities by availing which you can make your business success certain. Making an attractive plan leads to setting your goals. So, pay much heed to it.

2. Carefully choose an E-commerce Platform

After making an effective plan, start to sort out e-commerce platforms and choose the one most related to your business.  Making an effective business plan means the brick for your business store. And to choose a charming platform means to make walls for your store. If you effectively show your creativity in taking these two steps other steps will be easy to take and to manage. So, focus on these two steps as much as you can and choose a platform visit by heavy traffic of users on the daily basis. 

3. Focus on the customer and understand the market.

To implement your business plan, use all the successful business strategies you know.  In this scenario, try to master and use the skills and tools required for marketing. Search out all the demographics and psychographics of the potential customers of any product. Always keep an eye on your customers’ buying habits and try to comprehend their demands effectively. Always have a check on the websites of your competitors and apprehend the feedback by their customers. Use the business strategies of your successful competitors and avoid unsuccessful ones.

4. Pick the right product and be unique

After making an outline of your business plan, browsing the niche of your business, and choosing of the platform, the most important thing for you is to be unique in your picking up a product and it’s selling. By focusing on the customers and their demands, you can pick the right product to sell. Find out a competent and successful supplier of the product you are going to sell if you are not manufacturing your own.

5. Advertising is the key to the e-store

Advertisement is a key to success in this age of social media. A properly organized advertising tactic will help to boost your business. For this, you have to advertise your products and sales on the heavy traffic social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and, Instagram, etc. You cannot grow your business without advertisement. So, make well-organized advertising and marketing strategies and apply them appropriately to grow your business from small to large. More advertisement means more potential customers.

6. Make your product page attractive and easy to manage

After picking up the product you are going to sell, now make your product page attractive and easy to handle. Add all the tools and plugins to your product page required to make it unique and effective and easily approachable to your customers. Add proper images of your product with appropriate information of its users to your page. Make your payments effective by adding related plugins. A more effective product page means more users to visit and more purchases to make.

7. SEO is Key to Success

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important concepts in e-commerce business. SEO can help you out to make your website or e-store approachable to as many people as you want. According to recent researches, SEO is the most effective tool used by successful e-commerce stores to boost their business ever. By using SEO, you can make your website top ranking in search engines like Google. A highly ranking site means more users to visit your page and making more purchases. So, by using SEO effectively, you can beat your competitors easily.

8. Well-design your email list

This is one of the most important steps to take when you are running an online business. Make your email list well-organized regular. By using your email list, you can connect easily to your regular customers and easily available to new visitors to your page. It is one the best way you attract your customers by sending them regular emails regarding your product and its information.

9. Email response speed should be quick

Starting an email list is easy but to maintain for a long while is very difficult. Most businesses fail because of this mistake. To boost your online store, you must be available to your customers online round the clock. You must be quick in your responses to your customers. You should understand their questions and inquiries and must be speedy to reply. This will make business growth sound. 

10. Update your e-store regularly to sustain it

Last but not the least; you should be updated regularly regarding your product and product page. Use all means and ways that are helpful to maintain your business in the long run. Regularly update your e-commerce site. This will help to make your business activity refresh and evergreen.
You should regularly check your business strategies and technical aspects of your site as well. You should reconsider your business decisions regarding your product, product page, continuity of your product and, discounts on them as well.  Highs and lows are an essential part of business activity. So, you should never lose your guts and be patient. As if there are no guts, there is no glory.

WooCommerce Product Video

To add WooCommerce Product Video plugin to your product page will help you to add videos to your page. By using this plugin, you will be able to add the videos of your product on your page. By ranking high on search engines, your product video will also be available on Google, YouTube, Dailymotion and Facebook, etc.  WooCommerce product video along with images on the page will help to engage your customers and the new visitors.
A brief product video will be enough to make your product information easily available to the users. In this way, the chances of more selling will increase. WooCommerce Product Video is also considered a good marketing tool.


I hope this article will help you a lot in the setting up of your new online business. I mentioned in the article almost all the top steps you take into consideration before stating your e-store. By following these points, you can boost your business in a short time. These will help you to beat your competitors as a successful business strategy. So, try to pay to heed to each of these steps individually to grow your business rapidly from small to large. Best of Luck

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