Top 3 important factors to use for website template

Whether you’re a marketer or a professional designer, there are some things that you have to notice if you are around design work. First and foremost, templates - the most important part of creating the best page and website which represents your ability and creativeness as well as the way to get you closer to customers with the hope to succeed in marketing and doing business.

Olwebdesign is one of the best websites among others in the world offering you the huge collection and different categories of trending and stunning template in all the aspects. This website will make you satisfied with the full - packed template ranging from best design to the harmony of color.
But, the only template seems to be not enough when it comes to Olwebdesign, to dig it out, you should hold in hand the must-have tools or types of equipment to use for website template basing on Olwebdesign.

1- Icons

6 Ways To Use Icons In Infographic Design
In creating themes, icons work together to help with context. Not only do the background shapes, but they also provide organization. This is very important if you are using icons as anchors or headers for the text near them. The context is established perfectly providing the reader an exact look thanks to the clear description of what each section is about.
A lot of people can miss the point when designing a template. They try to use text or label and forget to include icons. Icons help the reader understand the information quickly instead of long text as well as saving the space for a template that is brief, concise.
Icons may seem like a small design choice but it is very important.
Besides, your icons and text look like they’re floating in a void. Also, by using different background colors for your icons, you can quickly establish that each point is different from the others and your eye is drawn to those sections almost immediately.

2- Colors

Image result for color combination
Basing on personal preferences and cultural background, every color means something to every person
It’s too common that color psychology is extensively applied in all aspects of design. Ranging from the colors used on day-to-day items, to brand logos and website design, color is an essential factor that can bring a specific message to users.
Color psychology in design is not an exact science but is affected by individual perceptions. Societal considerations such as gender also have an impact on how the color is perceived. It’s also about how appropriate the user feels the color used is to the brand that’s using it.
In creating templates, color plays an undeniable role in creating a strong first impression on users from the first look so it is an important element help to attract people's attention.
Especially, color combinations are the things that decided the results in the long run of a designer, the color wheels can help you choose a great color or create your color psychology background
Colors make your content easier to understand if they don't have to interpret it through many colors. And remember, color has meant so each color adds or takes away from your message.

3- Images

Image result for image on template
Nothing can’t be denied that beside colors and icons, images are the factor that decided the effectiveness of a design template. It is also the things that appeal to customer to the website or shop counting on the message conveyed by images.
"A picture's worth a thousand words." The same is true when it comes to images on a template. First-time visitors shape the first impression of your website to determine whether they trust and see value in your site, which is why having optimized images that accurately represent your brand, products, and services are so important.
Nice, unique and high resolution of the image is the best for design. The center of the attention which can decided your success.

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