Why Joomla Is Preferred by Most Web Designers

Top 5 Reasons Why Joomla Web Design Is Preferred by Most Web Designers

Are you looking for the best web design? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, I will give you the top five reasons why web designers prefer Joomla Web Design over the other many designs easy to install and use.

Like WordPress, Joomla is a PHP based Content Management System. It is open-source and free to use. After WordPress, Joomla is the second most widely used full-featured CMS platform around the globe. Over 2 million websites are active on Joomla software and its popularity is increasing on daily bases. It is also a several time award-winning CMS platform.
Joomla is developed on a model–view–controller web application framework that can be used independently of the CMS. It allows you to build powerful online applications. In 2019, W3Techs research found out the top CMS and reported that: “Two of the most popular CMS platforms, Joomla and WordPress, together make up over 65% of websites that run on a CMS.”

Why Joomla?

Unlike other CMS platforms, Joomla Web Design is flexible and is web designer-friendly software. Designers need not much expertise to design websites for Joomla. Secondly, you can use Joomla in many areas of web design like to design content portals, news portals, and blogs along with designing e-commerce sites. Also when you use Joomla web design, you need not write code to log in.
Thanks to Joomla developers, who make sure the platform is user-friendly, flexible, multilingual, easily approachable, quick to respond, along with many distinguishing features. Joomla developers are always there online to assist website developers.
It is the second most famous CMS having thousands of free and premium plugins, extensions, and templates permitting the web developers to customize their websites to fit their preferences like the woocommerce side cart. Over 109 million times, the Joomla platform has been downloaded by users around the globe since 2005. This is a huge number to foresee its popularity in the future.

Reasons to Prefer Joomla Web Design

Web developers preferJoomla Web Design because of its simple and catchy features. Here I will list the top 5 attractive features of Joomla software:

1. Free to install and use

Joomla is free to install open source CMS platform. This is one of the top catchy features of Joomla because of which many website developers use it to develop their site. This feature of Joomla allows the many brands, organizations, and companies worldwide to build their sites on Joomla. Thousands of extensions and plugins are there to add to your pages to make them more productive and attractive.
Most of these extensions or plugins are free to add and some are premium. On Joomla, you can make the websites of your preferences. Joomla software team is always available to assist you in web development. Web developers will guide you to develop your own sites with simple steps in a short period of time.

2. User-friendly and simple to use

Like WordPress, Joomla is a flexible and user-friendly platform. Web sites developed by using Joomla are SEO-friendly. Because of its SEO-friendly feature, you can rank your site on top in search engines like Google and, Yahoo, etc.Web designers need not much expertise in web designing to develop websites when they are using Joomla modules.
Most web designers prefer it because of its simplicity. Unlike other CMS platforms, you need a few simple steps to build your e-commerce sites. Joomla is the first choice of Web designers because of its attractive and unique data management system. Because of its simplicity and best management system, it easy to use like woocommerce side cart.

3. Joomla websites are secure

When you search out any platform to build your site, a big concern for you is data security. Now your concern is resolved with Joomla. You need not worry about your data security. Joomla is there to provide you with the type of security you need.
Unlike other CMS platforms,Joomla software is very secure like woocommere side chart. Because of its high level of security, web designers prefer to make websites using Joomla. Joomla provides you security with two strong security measures:

2 Factor Authentication (2FA): Through this inbuilt feature, Joomla provides you strong security. Joomla websites do not allow hackers to steal your content because Joomla software has powerful security controllers. This does not allow any kind of unauthorized access to anyone to your site on Joomla. Joomla software 2FAsent you a temporary codeon your cell phone every time a login attempt is made on your Joomla website. You have to enter this code to visit your site.

Bcrypt Algorithm:Along with 2FA, Bcrypt Algorithm is a hashing algorithm used by Joomlaplatform that makes your passwords secure by ensuring you better encryption against hackers.

4. Joomla websites are responsive

According to a survey, today 60% of internet access happens through mobile phones.Joomla is a mobile-friendly platform as well. One of many other catchy features, quick in response is the most attractive feature of Joomla. Because of its mobile-friendliness feature, Joomla has become a top trending CMS today. It is responsive and manager likewoocommerce side cart.
Many web designers develop their websites on Joomla because of this feature of Joomla. Because of the Bootstrap framework, Joomla integrates into mobile-friendly dimensions easily. This feature of Joomla attracts a large community of people like organizations; news agencies etc. particularly to the organizations that want to approach their spectators on all devices.

5. Multilingual from the core

Joomla software is multilingual from the core because 70 plus languagetranslation packs are offered to you by Joomla developers. This is another inspiring feature for web designers to build their sites on Joomla. Because of this feature, web designers around the globe develop their websites on it.
It provides you the options to install it with your local language or the language you want. Moreover, you are allowed to change your language whenever you want and you require no coding or formula to change your text. Now users can select the language they like to start a conversation with website owners. Websites can increase the traffic of customers as much they want on your sites using theJoomla platform.

Final Thought

I hope this article will help you a lot in your selection of a platform to develop sites on the top trending CMS. Users around the world develop their websites on WordPress and Joomla because of their attractive and charming features. But during my research on theJoomla platform, I found that this software is more secure and more featured than other platforms.
It is equally beneficial for small and large businesses because of it multilingual aspect. Interestingly, it is free to install and enjoyable to use. It has a proper system to manage your data with your preference like a woocommerce side cart. Its simplicity and flexibility make it the preference of web designers. Its potentials are limitless, so build your site on Joomla and avail its benefits. Good luck!

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