Why Are WordPress And Joomla A Perfect Match?

Why Are WordPress And Joomla A Perfect Match?

For 10 years, wordpress and Joomla have been open-source for a content management system.

Wordpress launched in 2003 as a blogging platform; now, it has a multipurpose content management system that almost above 37.6% of all the websites on the internet with plugin bundles, and it's way more than just the blogs. Wordpress has a 37.6% market share of the content management system market.
Moreover, Joomla launched in 2005. The second popular content management system after wordpress powers 3% of all the internet and has a 5.4% market share of the content management market. Until 2010 the Joomla market share was shrinking, but it still has the second popular content management system, but its overall shrank happened the first time in 2017.
In this article, you will get to learn why wordpress and Joomla is a perfect match; here there are the most common advantages these two has;

Wordpress advantages

  • Easy to use: Wordpress is the easiest content management system to use, especially when it comes to the non- developers.
  • Best suited for blogging:  wordpress has the best blog posts than the static pages, where Joomla has just the article typed with different categories.
  • Extensibility: wordpress has the largest number of plugin themes, enabling you to extend your site with different features.
  • Huge support community: with the popularity of wordpress, it is easy to find help from third-party ecosystem Facebook groups and developers.
  • Less development cost: because of the huge community, you will get development at less cost.

Joomla advantages

  • Advanced user management: Joomla offers a more advanced system for customer access control and user management
  • Flexibility for different content types: its components have more flexibility to display non- standard contents
  • Multilingual support: it has multilingual support built-in whereas wordpress needs to have a third party plugin
  • Multi templates: in Joomla, you can use different templates with different content pieces, whereas in wordpress, there is only a wordpress theme.

Wordpress ease of use in learning

If you are creating a regular website with a static blog, you have to be sure running it in a couple of hours, and you can use wordpress as a host installer or even make with pre-installed wordpress. Wordpress interface is easy for any user to start working on it straight away when the website is completed. And it makes the customer easy to use and code-free theme changes. More advanced content designs builder plugin made it easy to build layouts and make it easy for users to create unique content.

Joomla ease of use in learning

Just like wordpress, Joomla auto-installer makes it easy to install Joomla software. But this needs to add some more effort to your site, the combinations of articles and categories used by Joomla, so you need to categorize the content before creating it. The Joomla article is the same as wordpress, so there is no difference comes in front.

Are Wordpress and Joomla are equally secure.

Software wordpress and Joomla are both secure. Moreover, each platform has its own features, third-party plugins, or extensive additional security, as well as an easy in-dashboard update system that keeps everything updated. Compared with market share, Joomla has easy access to getting hacked, but nothing can be inherited in many situations to make less secure the platform.

Wordpress security

As a study hacked website report, wordpress has accounted for 75% of hacked websites that 25% larger than the market share of 58.9% each time. Despite that, it's been said that wordpress is better than Joomla, according to this study's data.

Joomla security

In the same report, Joomla accounted for 17% of hacked websites running out dated as compared to wordpress61 %. Also, 84% of hacked websites are 32% more than Joomla's market share, which is 7.3%. That ensures that outdated platforms bring the insecurity of both.


Suppose a question occurred which one is better of both, which fulfills the requirements you need to create a website. In that case, wordpress will make most of the situations because it is user-friendly, quickly gets up, runs websites, and does many developments per hour. Any issue occurs. It's easy to find professional help. But being a developer, Joomla can give you more flexibility for managing users. Joomla is still the second popular content management system even when its market share is declining.

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