Sticky sidebar documentation

How to set up Sticky sidebar.

Here is explained how to sticky 2 columns left and right

1- In your site right click and select the option Inspect.

Check the structure of the page where are the columns.

On the image below are three columns left, middle and right.

2- Check for names of the columns you want to sticky. Important is to take the first div of the column.

On the image below, we are checking the code left column which is mx-leftcol. In this case is a div with id, so it should be the code #mx-leftcol


On the next image we are checking the code of right column which is mx-rightcol. Again is a div with id, so it should be the code #mx-rightcol


3- Once you know the names of the columns go in Sticky sidebar module and add the names. So for the codes which are in our example, it should be #mx-leftcol, #mx-rightcol Sticky sidebar documentation. As there are more than one columns, it should be separate by ,


Our example had two div with id but you may have a class instead of id.

Check the image below

In this case is a class. For this should be the code .right2

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