Read Progress Bar

Keep your visitors interested in reading your articles and encourage them to continue scrolling through it.

Version: 4.0.3 Last Updated: Sep 6 2021 Compatible: Joomla 3.9.0+ Joomla 4
Read Progress Bar

Read Progress Bar

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Read Progress Bar joomla module is a great way encourage your readers to go through and read the entire article.

Read progress bar is a visual representation of how much of a article remains. It achieves this by tracking the reader’s position on the page. As they scroll down, the bar begins to fill, indicating how much progress they’ve made. Once is reached the end of the article, the bar is full.

With Reading Progress Bar you can easily add a progress bar indicator on the top, left, right or bottom of yours articles or any pages you want. Very easy installation and setup.
The extensions comes in two version: Back to Top and default Reading Progress Bar.

Back to Top version will display a "scroll to top" Button with a progress indicator.
The default version will show a progress bar on top, bottom, left or right.


  • Style - Default / Gradient / Rounded / Animated / IOS / Shine / Glow
  • Position - Top / Bottom / Left / Right
  • Height - your choice
  • Color - your choice