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Universal Slider for articles Module

Universal Slider for articles Module

Universal Slider Module

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Universal Slider for Articles Responsive Module.

Universal Slider for Articles joomla module

In Universal Slider for articles are included ten different unique styles. Check all styles in the demo page.

Data Source

  • Image Type - Intro/ Fulltext / Inline
  • Source - Categories
  • Tag Filtering Type
  • Author Filtering Type
  • Author Alias Filtering Type
  • Date Filtering
  • Featured Articles - Show / Hide / Only featured
  • Articles to be ordered by - Hits / Title / Id / Tags / Date / Articles Managed Order
  • Ordering Direction - Ascending / Descending

Slider Settings

  • Styles - Ten styles
  • Slider height at your choice or as full screen
  • Use loader Yes / No
  • Show slide title Yes / No
  • Items limit (at your choice )
  • Show slide intro text Yes / No
  • intro text limit (at your choice )
  • Show slide date Yes / No
  • Show slide category Yes / No
  • Show slide author Yes / No