3D Carousel Joomla module

Display content or custom items in 3d carousel. The module has three styles - normal, ring and star. As custom items can load images, youtube, vimeo, mp4 video and iframe. It comes with lightbox popup and videos is optional to play in thumbnails or lightbox.

3D Carousel

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3dcarousel component settings

Data Source:


  • Count Items
  • Image type - Intro Image, Fulltext Image, Inline Image
  • Category Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
  • Category - Select
  • Child Category Articles - Include, Exclude
  • Category Depth
  • Tag Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
  • Tag - Select
  • Include children tags - Include, Exclude
  • Match Tags - Any, All
  • Author Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
  • Authors - Select
  • Author Alias Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
  • Author Aliases - Select
  • Featured Articles - Show, Hide, Only
  • Date Filtering - Off, Date range, Relative Date
  • Date Range Field - Created, Modified, Starting Publishing date
  • Start Date Range - Select
  • To Date - Select
  • Relative Date - Select
  • Date Field
  • Date Format - Your choice
  • Article IDs to Exclude
  • Article Field to Order By - Article Manager Order, Featured Articles Order, Hits, Title, ID, Alias, Created Date, Modified Date, Start Publishing Date, Finish Publishing Date
  • Ordering Direction - Descending, Ascending

Custom Items

  • Type - Image/mp4/youtube/vimeo/iframe
  • Title
  • Info text
  • Read more link

Main settings

  • Module Width
  • Navigation Style
  • Navigation
  • Background Color
  • Start Position
  • Carousel Topology
  • Show caption
  • Caption Position
  • Carousel Offset Height
  • Coverflow X Rotation
  • Carousel X Radius
  • Carousel Y Radius
  • Carousel Y Offset
  • Right Click
  • Slide Duration
  • Autoplay?
  • Thumbnail Width
  • Thumbnail Height
  • Thumbnail Border
  • Thumbnail Background Color
  • Show Reflection



Normal style


Check the demo in Normal layout.

3dcarousel normal style


3dcarousel ring style

Ring style


Check the demo in Ring layout


Star style


Check the demo in Star layout.

portfolio creative style


Download include: 3D Carousel module