Top 3 important factors to use for website template

Whether you’re a marketer or a professional designer, there are some things that you have to notice if you are around design work. First and foremost, templates - the most important part of creating the best page and website which represents your ability and creativeness as well as the way to get you closer to customers with the hope to succeed in marketing and doing business.

Disable Joomla Scripts Mootools Caption

Disable Joomla Scripts - Mootools, Caption from loading in Joomla Website

This article, will show how to disable Mootools, Caption, Jquery, Bootstrap scripts from loading in Joomla Website.

Joomla loads many scripts by default and many of these are necessary to make your website running, but sometimes in certain pages, you may want to stop them from loading. By removing those scripts, will make your pages load faster.

Joomla Blank front page

How to fix Joomla Blank front page

Installing joomla is easy. It can happen that the front end of website shows blank. Is just a blank and white empty page, without text or any error messages.

Best Joomla Templates - the perfect design for your website

If you are looking for the best joomla templates to create a unique high quality website, you are in the right place. Below is an outstanding collection of the best joomla themes for business, education, agriculture, artists, industrial, restaurants, construction, agencies creative, logistics ect.

The Best Joomla Templates.

enable module preview joomla

How to check module positions in joomla template

It's possible to check in joomla website all module positions on a template by calling the "tp=1" query string on the front-end.
Joomla upgrade database error

Joomla upgrade database error

It is important to update joomla to the latest Joomla version. Depending on Joomla Version you have, after the update it can give database error. This is because the database is not up to date.

How to fix it follow the info below.

Create submenu in joomla

How to create parent-child menu in joomla cms

In many websites is a need to have a menu with submenus. The article will explained how to create parent-child menu in your joomla site.

Login to the Joomla backend ( administrator panel ) and create a new menu category

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